Space and Time

Well it’s that time of the week again. Another new song. Although it’s not actually that new. I’ve had it knocking around for a few years, in fact. And maybe you can feel a lack of enthusiasm even in this paragraph already. I think there’s actually a decent song in it, but…. well. What do I know? Maybe you think it’s the greatest song ever written. Have a listen, then I’ll tell you all about it, assuming either of us can be bothered.


I need some time so I can find myself
I’ve spent too much time looking for someone else
I need some space that you can call my own
Leave the crowds behind you – spend some time all alone

I don’t even know why this started
Nobody told me to stop

You need some space and time
So I can find myself
We used to be … used to be… used to be so damn fine
A little space and time
Bought you peace of mine
But now it’s time… it’s time… you had a piece of mine

Now that you’ve had some time I hope you’ve found yourself
You don’t have too much time to waste on no one else
So take my hands, look up and see
There’s a better world out there, it’s waiting for you and me

I don’t even know why this started
So I’m telling you: stop

You needed some space and time
So you could find yourself
I get it… I heard you… but you’ll always be mine
Bought you peace of mine
But now it’s time… it’s time… you had a piece of mine

I don’t even know why this started
So I’m telling you: stop


Despite my lack of warmth for the finished effort, I do think the underpinnings – a swinging, soul-inflected mid paced ballad – is a pretty decent music. The opening couplet too is quite pleasing. I like the unison guitar/piano/guitar parts in the chorus. I’m not entirely dischuffed with the string arrangement…. but…


I think this might be a victim of fatigue. I wrote the piece, unusually, on piano a few years ago. Now housebound due to the plague, I picked it up and noodled my way through it… recorded all the instruments. Sweated cobs trying to get the pianos and strings together… and then…

I think it’s the lyrical content (empty) and the singing. Originally in C, which was way too high for me to pull off, I lowered it down a third to A, but my voice is sort of… thin. It’s weird, because it’s not actually that high. What is it? The melody? The fact that it’s kind of got a soul feel and I do not have much a soul voice? Or maybe it’s just the performance – which probably needs to have a lot more genuine feeling than I was able to coax out of myself.

I might have to rethink the lyric and have another crack. Christ this is a boring blog post isn’t it?

I’m typing this with a headache. In fact, I’m stopping now. I don’t much care – and I see no reason why you should either. Let us meet again during a happier mood.