Food Photography Services

Bring your food to life with Ian Freud Food Fotography™. I will choose the best angles and lighting to make your meals look good enough to eat. And I’ll put my money where my mouth is: if you show a potential customer or mating partner one of my pictures and they don’t instantly try to eat your phone or laptop then you can have your fee back – 100%, no quibbles.

Price List

  • Single Item of food (sandwich, biscuit, an apple etc): €7
  • Multiple Items of One Food (several sandwiches of one flavour, multiple biscuits, up to six apples etc): €12
  • Two items of food (sandwich plus biscuit, apple plus biscuit* etc): €14
  • Complicated foods (bunch of grapes, variety yoghurt pots, couscous etc): €16
  • Wet foods (stews, bottled water, gravy etc): €18
  • Nuts: €POA

*I do not photograph sandwiches and apples together for health and safety reasons