Lake City Quiet Pills

Of late, I’ve found myself writing a lot of chugging, meat-and-potatoes kind of songs. Don’t get me wrong: my songs are an extension of my inner life, and I love them accordingly – even if I am also quietly embarrassed in many tiny ways by them (my lyrics, my voice, the paucity of my skills as a musician etc). In fact, my second album Infra Dig is almost complete, having taken only a few months to complete, so watch this space. But still, after a while a man tires of his diet.

So, to break up the monotony I penned this exercise in what might vaguely be called trance. I complained a whole bunch during my look at the Chemical Brothers about how electronica can’t really be classed as ‘songwriting’ and I stand by that. Nothing in this piece really makes it a ‘song’. It is essentially an extended mood piece based on exactly one chord (A minor, if you’re interested) noodled during a long, slow winter afternoon. If I was to be self-critical I’d suggest that it sounds like the incidental music from a prestige detective drama – but hey: people pay for that shit so it has its place.

So, here we are. It won’t make for an album track or anything, but I quite enjoy the mood it sets and variety is the spice of whatever.

Since recording it, I’ve thought about a potential melody and a proper bass part, so I might circle round for a second pass in a few weeks and perhaps make something more from it.

What does the title Lake City Quiet Pills man? Well theĀ Lake City Quiet Pills Mystery is, frankly, unfathomable. Something impenetrable to do with Reddit. I don’t fucking know. It’s a cool set of words though.