Would Like To Meet

Hi. Bit of long shot this, given than nobody uses websites any more, but I am in the market for musicians. If you live anywhere near Leeds and play any instrument at all I’m basically interested in working with you – maybe as collaborator, an occasional partner for jamming, or (Inshallah!) you’d like to be in a band that the plays the kind of music I write.

Ideally, I’d like to meet:

  • A drummer (the holy grail)
  • A keyboardist/pianist (I play, but badly)
  • A bassist
  • Guitarists (I’m a rhythm player myself)
  • Flautists
  • Bongo player
  • Brass section
  • 30 piece orchestra
  • Flugelhorn
  • Fuck it – a singer (I don’t like my voice)

I’m pretty broad-minded when it comes to music. I like indie, classic rock, blues, country (up to a point), psychedelia, dance, disco, funk, punk, hard rock and even occasionally the odd blast of EDM or metal.

Realistically though, I am a songwriter first and foremost, and most of my songs tend to be at the Beatles/Beta Band/Stone Roses end of the pitch: melodic, occasionally bluesy, and with the odd sprinkle of sonic adventure here and there.

In fact, let’s cut to the chase – this is what I sound like with myself and an iPad. If it’s your sort of bag, then scroll down, fill in the contact form and let’s go have a beer!