Without You

A sort-of forgotten little song I bashed out at short notice FOR A FILM. However, I never recorded properly and the film never happened. Anyway here’s a one take live runthrough I made at the time as a sort of demo. Having rediscovered it, I decided I quite like it… and so here it is!


There’s footsteps on the stairwell
But they don’t belong to you
A heart shaped hole inside me
And nothing I can do
It’s so scared without you
And it’s cold without you

Stopped picking up my phone calls
‘Cos I know you won’t be there
I’ve nobody to care for
And nobody who cares
Alone without you
So lost without you

I say that I’ve let go
And you’re not in my heart
But they’re someone else’s lines
From someone else’s part
The curtains are pulled back
And I am left alone
Without you.


This is the only time I’ve ever written a song to order. A friend on the Twitters had been asked to provide some music for a film. While she’s a cracking lyricist and an ace singer (way better than me) she couldn’t actually do the music bit.

She provided one set of lyrics that I set to music, and then talked about a second scene where a song would play about loss – specifically, IIRC, a death.

So somehow this whole tune fell out almost by accident. It’s deliberately short and doesn’t have anything like a normal structure. Two verses, and a sort of bridge and then… it’s over.

In a way it’s a pretty slight concoction, but there are some interesting chords in there. So interesting, in fact, that I can’t remember what they are or how to play this song.

I’m quietly pleased with the lyrics however.

And thus ends this week’s blog post. Good day to you, Sir.