Pints and Snacks


She told me quite correctly that I was high maintenance,
She pointedly reminded me that I can’t keep it in my pants,
Clap me irons, send me down cos I’m guilty as charged
I could see it in her eyes as she came to realise
That I was really telling lies just to buy myself some time
But it seems that the time’s already gone

Come on now, mate – let’s go get a beer
We can sit in a corner and I’ll lend you an ear
I’ll get the pints in and you get the snacks
We’ll work out a way to win her heart back

She was so mad at me and had every right to be
I wish that I could make her see that she means the world to me
No matter how it might sometimes look
And if that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut,
And said a bunch of stuff that I can’t regret enough
Now I’m staring at my phone like a dog with an empty bowl


Bit of a throwaway. Some nonsense for my own amusement. Clearly I’m no rapper, but this teeters perilously near to that kind of territory. But you know, not everything has to be deep and meaningful. I might revisit this at some point and give it some spit and polish – particularly the double tracking of the vocals, which is so rough and ready to add to the air of fluff with which this song is already heartily endowed. Anyway, I enjoyed making it – and that’s reward enough.