New Song: Sometimes I Wonder 


Saturday night – a talent show on ITV
Calls cost £1.50 plus your usual connection fee
And 10% of every call goes to a charity
Dedicated to the lives of those who died so we’d be free
And they’re out there dropping bombs from their aeroplanes
The reasons seemed important, but I’ve forgotten what they were again But Carol in the studio will be back after the break
To tell us if it’s all alright or if it’s just a big mistake
Sometimes I wonder why we bother If we can’t live with one another
Staring at a rectangle that glows all through the night
No matter what you’re thinking there’s someone out there who thinks that it’s alright Connected by the ether to a million other souls
In a world of ones and zeros that somehow make a whole
And another shocking video has recently emerged
We all know that it’s awful but we can’t seem to resist the urge
If there’s one thing worse than being in the middle of something
It’s being left out completely and missing that same thing
Sometimes I wonder why we bother If we can’t live with one another


I am a reasonably incompetent finger picker, but I first penned this last while while trying to improve – I think during a spell when I was trying to master a few Dylan songs. There’s probably a trace of I’ve Just Seen a Face by The Beatles in there somewhere.

The lyrics on the other hand originated from something even older that I wrote during the first couple of series of X-Factor, when they teamed up with Help for Heroes. I’ve a complex mental relationship with the nexus of light entertainment, mass-produced commercial art and the veneration of war. Throw in the general vibe that all world events are dissolved in a sort of digital entertainment soup and…. well. I don’t know.

Anyway, this is the results.