The Here and Now


Somebody wise once said
“Life is short and then you’re dead”
So won’t you hand me that bottle?
I know that it’s trite to say
Tomorrow is another day
But nonetheless today will be gone by morning
I don’t think that it’ll be missed
So give me a glass and a drink
I couldn’t care less tonight what your mother might think

I’m in love, love, love
With the here and now,
And I can’t say I care
For the wheres and hows
I’m in love, love, love
And it should be enough
To be loved, loved, loved,
Forget that other stuff

Lower your cholesterol
And don’t take paracetamol
They say that you’ll be better off with wholemeal
I’m too busy contemplating
Time and space and I’m not waiting
For the chance to narrow my waistline
Give me a bassline instead
I could be straight or be gay
And I don’t give a shit what the doctor might say

Yes I guess that it’s true that it sucks to be you but it sucks to be me too
And If this is the best we can do
You can leave it to me and I’ll leave it to you
And tomorrow we’ll see if the things that they said came true

Somebody wise once said
“Give us today our daily bread”
I think that it might have been Jesus?
I don’t claim to understand
But anyway the point still stands:
Please won’t you fetch me a sandwich?
I haven’t the time
And I’m not inclined to care


Another song that’s taken a good while to get to fruition. I tend to find that if lyrical inspiration doesn’t happen quickly, the whole song gets more and more difficult to write. Annoyingly, the basic structure of the tune – melody and chords – came in a flash… almost writing itself in 5 minutes sometime in late spring – one of those glorious, effortless bouts of creativity where the thing is born as a whole in front of your own disbelieving eyes.

Hurrying off to the iPad, I found that the music came just as easily. It isn’t apparent in the mix, but there’s a thudding piano part doubling up the chunky chords and bassline, and various illustrative touches. One thing missing from this mix that I’ve only just realised isn’t there is a tampora effect under the last of chord of the middle 8… which might be a tiny bit of a cliche, but will add a brief hint of exoticism to what is an otherwise meat-and-potatoes slice of indie rock.

Anyway, having completed the tune it’s been marinating for months waiting for lyrics. So long, in fact, that I had the time to invite my mate Den – guitarist extraordinaire – to contribute some guitar licks to further up the rock ante: thus he becomes the first person other than me to contribute to these songs.

..and so, eventually, I bashed out some words. They’re nothing profound – just a general exhortation to live more for the moment, and less for imagined futures on the basis of allegedly good, healthy advice. As I am a catastrophic moron whose life has been turned to shit by that kind of action, I probably wouldn’t take it seriously as a slice of life advice.

I guess if I put my Critical Distance Hat on, I’d say you could fairly say that this song is a bit derivative of lots of things – probably late-period Oasis, based on the general sound palette. But I’ve never claimed that all my songs are left-field, or even particularly original – they’re just creative expressions, and this is the sort of field I find particularly fertile.